Ashmanhaugh Parish Council

A Parish Council is elected every 4 years and the last full election was held in May 2015.  Ashmanhaugh Parish Council is made up of 7  Councillors who, to comply with current legislation, have to be over 18 years of age and either live, work or own property in Ashmanhaugh or within 3 miles of the village.  The next election will be in May 2019.

The councillors are: Steven Bland, Andrew Buxton, Harry Buxton, Noel Coleman, Chris Phillipo, John Pond and Gary Saunders.  Councillors can be contacted directly or via the Clerk.

Ashmanhaugh is a small village in North Norfolk, situated 2 miles from Wroxham and very close to the popular visitor attraction, Wroxham Barns.  In the village is a Norman Church, which, it is thought, has the smallest round tower in Norfolk. The old village school, which is now called The Preston Room, is the village hall. Look at the Events on this website to find out when Parish Council meetings are taking place as well as the dates and times of all the other functions.
This website is the only place you can see all the events taking place in the village.




Children’s Services – Briefing on proposed Early Childhood and Family Service

In September 2018, Norfolk County Council Children’s Services launched a consultation on a new Early Childhood and Family Service. There were 1,576 responses to the consultation received, with 1,401 responses from residents and 175 from respondents affiliated with organisations.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to respond and I am writing to you to inform you that as a result of the consultation process we have amended our proposals in the following ways:

  • Greater recognition that all families benefit from universal group activities
  • Making it easier to access support
  • Extending the new service to support families to connect with and make use of activities provided by local communities and partner organisations
  • Keeping more buildings to reflect varying local needs in rural and urban areas
  • Investing £500,000 to support local organisations and communities to use buildings, currently designated as children’s centres, with a focus on services for families with children aged 0-5

The new service will:

  • Provide targeted support for families with children aged 0-5
  • Offer help so that all families can connect with local support and universal early childhood activities
  • Operate 15 early childhood and family support bases and use a range of local delivery venues
  • Contribute to joint working and maintaining partnerships as part of securing a local early childhood offer
  • Invest £250,000 in community development to ensure there are strong networks of support
  • Support an enhanced online and digital information, advice and guidance offer for families

The Council is committed to ensuring that Norfolk’s most vulnerable children and families receive the support they need and we believe that the revised proposals for the Early Childhood and Family Service will provide a more targeted service.

The papers are available here:

Kind regards


Andrew Proctor


Norfolk County Council


Norfolk Police newsletter for December

01-19 Cluster 12 Scottow Hoveton and St Benet

Norfolk Police – 2019/20 budget consultation

Would you be prepared to pay more for policing in Norfolk?
The PCC will soon have to decide whether to increase or freeze the policing element of council tax. First, he wants to know what the Norfolk public thinks and is asking how much people would be willing to pay.

“I want to hear from the people of Norfolk. Do you support keeping the policing part of the council tax at last year’s level, or do you support a rise? And, if so, how much would you be prepared to pay?” asked Lorne.

“I have spent a great deal of time over the past year listening to Norfolk communities. They tell me not only do they want to be safe, they want to feel safe. Our constabulary has a responsibility to offer that assurance in our homes, on our streets and in our communities.

“At the same time I recognise the financial situation for policing continues to be extremely challenging. The nature of crime continues to change and is becoming more complex. Ahead of December’s police funding announcement, I made representations to the Home Secretary, Policing Minister and Secretary to the Treasury to impress upon them just how serious the financial picture here in Norfolk is and the threat it poses to our policing service.

“The Chief Constable has told me that a precept freeze would, inevitably, lead to police officer and staff reductions. He has also said that were I to raise the council tax by the maximum amount of 46 pence a week, this would allow significant investment in the force, including the addition of 40 extra officers. I would urge people to listen to what the Chief Constable has to say before having their say.

“To help inform my budget decision, I would like to know your views. Some 56% of Norfolk’s policing budget is funded by central government, meaning your council tax makes up the rest – so I want all Norfolk residents to have the opportunity to have their say.”

For more information and to have your say, please visit

There will also be a chance to give your views when the PCC and Chief Constable Simon Bailey answer questions from the public at their first Q&A session of 2019. Lorne will host the event at The Forum in Norwich on Wednesday 9 January from 6pm.  

Norfolk Police – Deployment history for Ashmanhaugh for November & December 2018

Information from PC Tom Gibbs on the deployment history for the village over the last two months of 2018 – there have been seven incidents.

Two reported missing person enquiries (Same person twice).

One concern for safety for elderly resident reported by a friend outside the area. All in order.

One Criminal damage to some gates at a business premises (Reported as possible attempted burglary but not sufficient to record it as such.) White Mercedes van seen with black back doors in the area deemed suspicious)

One sexual on line incident involving a child communicating with persons unknown on line

Two wildlife/animal related incidents, escaped sheep and deer hit by a car.

In other news we seen to be having more fly tipping lately. This is possibly due to recent charges imposed at recycling centres? There have been a few residential burglaries across the larger beat so be mindful of this and encourage residents to be vigilant to any suspicious activity. If you see a vehicle which looks out of place get a registration.

Best wishes Tom


PC 1298 Tom GIBBS

Beat Manager C24 Area

Hoveton Police Station

12 Stalham Road



Ashmanhaugh Parish Council agenda 8th January 2019

Ashmanhaugh PC Agenda 8th January 2019