Norfolk Police – Deployment history for Ashmanhaugh for November & December 2018

Information from PC Tom Gibbs on the deployment history for the village over the last two months of 2018 – there have been seven incidents.

Two reported missing person enquiries (Same person twice).

One concern for safety for elderly resident reported by a friend outside the area. All in order.

One Criminal damage to some gates at a business premises (Reported as possible attempted burglary but not sufficient to record it as such.) White Mercedes van seen with black back doors in the area deemed suspicious)

One sexual on line incident involving a child communicating with persons unknown on line

Two wildlife/animal related incidents, escaped sheep and deer hit by a car.

In other news we seen to be having more fly tipping lately. This is possibly due to recent charges imposed at recycling centres? There have been a few residential burglaries across the larger beat so be mindful of this and encourage residents to be vigilant to any suspicious activity. If you see a vehicle which looks out of place get a registration.

Best wishes Tom


PC 1298 Tom GIBBS

Beat Manager C24 Area

Hoveton Police Station

12 Stalham Road



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