Crime report from PC Tom Gibb

I have had a look at the incidents reported for the parish of Ashmanhaugh since 01.07.18 to give the community an overview of what has been going on during the summer Months. This list is specific for the Parish and is not comprehensive as it is based on incidents recorded on our deployment system and not on crime figures. None the less it should give the community an overview of what we are doing.

We have dealt with one road traffic collision on the main Stalham Road, two missing persons enquiries, one concern for safety of a person, one internet based crime, two domestic incidents and two abnormal load escorts. In summary the village remains largely crime free, however it is the time of year when we do seem to experience more acquisitive crime such as burglary and residents should be vigilant to any suspicious activity and vehicles. If it looks out of place take the registration and let me know. If a vehicle is legitimate we can soon establish this. I have been into the village with the speed gun. No speeding offences identified but a few verbal warnings given re seatbelts. With the nights starting to draw in I urge residents to think about their home security, locking doors and making sure their security lights are working. Likewise it is time to make sure cars are in good condition and lights are working correctly now we are heading towards the winter.

If anyone need to speak to me I am happy to be contacted on the details below.

Thanks and best wishes Tom Gibbs

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