Ashmanhaugh Parish Council

A Parish Council is elected every 4 years and the last full election was held in May 2015.  Ashmanhaugh Parish Council is made up of 7  Councillors who, to comply with current legislation, have to be over 18 years of age and either live, work or own property in Ashmanhaugh or within 3 miles of the village.  The next election will be in May 2019.

The councillors are: Steven Bland, Andrew Buxton, Harry Buxton, Noel Coleman, Chris Phillipo and Gary Saunders.  Councillors can be contacted directly or via the Clerk.  There is currently one vacancy on the Council.

Ashmanhaugh is a small village in North Norfolk, situated 2 miles from Wroxham and very close to the popular visitor attraction, Wroxham Barns.  In the village is a Norman Church, which, it is thought, has the smallest round tower in Norfolk. The old village school, which is now called The Preston Room, is the village hall. Look at the Events on this website to find out when Parish Council meetings are taking place as well as the dates and times of all the other functions.
This website is the only place you can see all the events taking place in the village.




Mobile library times

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Planning Inspectorate approval for works to the Common

The Planning Inspectorate has now given permission for works to be undertaken on the Common. This will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 6th March 2018.


COM 3188213 Asmanhaugh 06-02-2018



APC draft minutes 9th January 2018

Ashmanhaugh PC Minutes 9th January 2018 draft (1)

Ashmanhaugh Parish Council agenda 9th January 2018

Ashmanhaugh PC Agenda 9th January 2018

Extraordinary meeting 21st November minutes

Ashmanhaugh PC final minutes Extraordinary meeting 21st November